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%Last update: July 2019.

Sometimes you need a common roof for all your stuff.

I have some fancy titles (Ph.D., Post-doc) earned under different acronyms (and not). Self-tracker and music-obsessed, I need to have everything under one roof and here we go. Basically I need to add some (alphabetical) order to present the different stuff I do/did. Plus, building a house is a learning opportunity.

(Oh, we now have some news page and an explanation of the site's name).


I’ve been trained as a philosopher and then got my Ph.D. in legal philosophy (faculty of Law). I am been doing academic philosophy for the last 10 years. If you came for concepts and you are curious about my research, that’s the right section. If you are interested in a more extensive academia-like C.V., here’s one. If you fancy more standardized way of presenting one’s research, I have my Academia.edu and Researchgate and the like.


I was into music before I could read properly. My DIY Musicians – The Podcast of the Bedroom Revolution, is moving here. (It's previous incarnation and spotlights are on Spreaker). Other music stuff is on Soundcloud.

If anything resonate feel free to reach out on twitter.

Huge thanks goes to Michele and Jacopo.