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Sometimes you need a common roof for your stuff.
Plus, building a house and furnishing it is a learning opportunity.


I have some fancy titles (Ph.D., Post-doc) earned under different acronyms (and not). I’ve been trained as a philosopher and then got my Ph.D. in legal philosophy (faculty of Law). I've been doing academic philosophy for the last 10 years.


It's good to have a place to collect your thoughts or simply say what you mean.

Music / DIY Musicians

I was into music before I could read properly. My DIY Musicians – The Podcast of the Bedroom Revolution, is also moving here.


We all want to play God on a small scale. Music is a great, crafting arguments is cool. But what about creating a whole world or your tools? I'm into Python, ML, and software since the pre-summer of 2019. Expect reports on programming books and some overthinking.